Develop a Retirement Strategy

Retirement Horizons offers employers of any size one-stop assistance with all aspects of retirement planning for your employees. So whether you want to design a new retirement plan or simply evaluate your current plan design, RHI can provide the expertise you need to help assure you make a sound decision.

  • Design a customized retirement program for your specific needs
  • Manage the implementation process, including regulatory compliance and communication to your employees
  • Provide ongoing plan administration and consulting across the full spectrum of defined contribution plan recordkeeping, as well as comprehensive actuarial services
  • Decide whether your current plans are falling short in their design and intent, or if they are delivering on their objectives

Design a New Plan

If you’re looking to introduce a new plan design, Retirement Horizons will work with you through three important steps to develop a program that complements your business strategy. Establish an overall retirement policy, based on your philosophy and attitudes toward retirement. Determine the best solution to support your plan strategy and business objectives.

  • Defined benefit or defined contribution
  • Traditional or hybrid
  • Qualified and non-qualified
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Employee communications
  • Ongoing plan administration


These are the major steps involved in any new plan design initiative. But we also know that your needs, objectives and desired outcomes are unique to your organization. So we want to get to know you and your organization better, and we’ll have an initial strategy session to understand your current environment and work with you to determine what’s right for you. Only then can we offer suggestions and recommendations that make sense for your organization.